On this page you will find a selection of recent project that i’m involved in

Jacob Djursaa: Drømmesyn

My new Album “Drømmesyn” is out on Jaeger Community! Vinyls available here

Thomas Fryland – Trumpet
Dan Hjorth – Piano
Samuel Kiel – Double Bass
Nikolaj Bangsgaard – Drums
Jacob Djursaa – Guitar

Listen to the album on the streaming service of your choice:


BRØK is a nordic experimental Jazz group. Our first album came out this year, 2023, and can be hear on all major streaming services.


Onbeat is an experimental jazz quartet led by the spanish pianist Beatriz Gijón. The group explores a space of interaction between improvisation and composition, creating a contemporary and personal approach. It wants to flow between unusual beats and no beat at all.
The Group Will release their debut album in january 2024.

Rahel Talts Ensemble

I’m playing on this great album by Estonian pianist Rahel Talts. It came out in 2022 and you can buy the record on cd or vinyl. It is also out on all major streaming services.

Oleksandr Kolosii Quartet

A 2021 album with The Polish/Ukrainian Saxofonist Oleksandr Kolosii, feat. the American trumpet player James Michael Cronin. The album can be streamed on all major streaming services.


In November 2020 long time Musical Colleagues and friends Jacob Djursaa and Dan Hjorth met up in the studio to record a few standards. The duo has been playing for a long time, but this is the first time they have recorded in a studio setting.

Here are the videos recorded and edited by the amazing videographer Mathias Lassen